Meet the Creative Minds and Passionate Hearts Behind Bilimbi Shop

Juju: A Passion for Fabric and Design

Juju is the creative heart of Bilimbi Shop. Her love for fabrics, intricate design, and attention to detail define her role as the driving force behind our brand’s unique creations. Juju has a discerning eye for detail which sets her creations apart. She believes that it’s the little things that make a big difference, and it shows in every stitch and pattern.

Lala: The Global Sourcing Expert and Bag Designer

Lala explores every corner of the world for the finest fabrics and notions, drawing inspiration from diverse corners of the globe. From the vibrant markets of Jaipur to the rich heritage of Pakistan, from the intricate craftsmanship of China to the exotic allure of Madagascar—Lala ensures that every material tells a story. But Lala’s talents don’t stop there. She is also the creative genius who brings our Bilimbi bags to life.

Together, Juju and Lala are the sisterly bond that breathes life into Bilimbi Shop. Their shared vision, creative synergy, and dedication to excellence are the driving forces behind the ‘BILIMBI’ brand. As you explore their collections, you’ll experience the harmony of their talents, resulting in fashion that celebrates you.

With love,

Juju & Lala

Creators, Bilimbi Shop